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Gain access to millions of online conversations

Extensive database

Acces to big – social media – data, powered by the Boston University streaming Twitter collection. Providing virtually a limitless amount of social media content.

Powerfull and Secure

Our secured data is sorted by powerful algorhytms and metrics which enables you to find specific users, conversations, patterns or items of importance.

Intuitive interface

Our action-based and intuitive interface enhances the users’ experience.
Making it accessible easy and appealing to work with our data.

Sentiment analysis

Utilize unique algorithms and metrics to fine tune your sentiment analysis.In order to refer to your research or help you to devise campaign strategies

Discover your communities

Before you transmit into the world, know who is listening. Marketing and research strategies are often developed based on minimal data, assumptions, and theory. Insightful data concerning sentiments and trends helps you discover new and potential communities.

Keeping tabs

Track hashtags, conversations, and keywords. To see and analyze the trends and influencers around your point of interest or your brand. Which gives you the direction to formulate effective ideas to improve your engagement.

Graphic data

We package raw data in an intuitive and appealing interface. Your personal dashboard provides a fast end clear overview of all important information in real-time. And enables you to optimize your workflow.

An endless supply of data to consume.

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